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GOOD PLANNING - the secret of a good boating holiday
Gather the whole family in the comfort of your living room and use the long winter evenings to plan this summer's boat trips. Plan crossings and day trips and obtain the information you need on fairways, topography, wind and weather conditions, depths, distances, ports, regulations etc. The information requirement is almost unlimited. Much of the safety and success of a boating holiday lies in good planning.

You will also need information that can be difficult to obtain in a boat out on the fjord. There can be a wide range of questions - here are just a few:

  • Where is the nearest place on the fjord where I can have my engine repaired?
  • Where can I get a torn sail repaired?
  • My position is south of "Hollenderb√•en"; where is the nearest slipway?
  • Where is the nearest safe outport?
  • Will there be a concert held in Fredrikstad while I am there?
  • Whereabouts do I find Edward Munch's house on the Oslo Fjord?
Oslofjord Info coordinates all sea-related information and will give you the answers to your questions, either on the Internet or by telephone.